Dragon Plastics Rotomoulding b.v.


Over the years, Dragon Plastics has rotated hundreds of different products into various shapes, colours, sizes, materials and desired physical properties. We work in various sectors such as mechanical engineering, design industry, cooling technology and more. Because of this experience, Dragon Plastics has developed techniques for rotational moulding that improve the handling of the products and their quality: a working method that leads to a more efficient production process and can therefore deliver benefits for you as a customer.


Dragon Plastics produces hollow plastic products on behalf of third parties and therefore does not have its own product line. In order to produce a product, a rotational mould is required. This mould is converted 1-to-1 into a mould drawing based on a supplied 3D drawing. A mould is not manufactured in-house. We are happy to leave this specialism to our reliable and professional mould makers. The development and design mainly come from the client. Of course we are happy to think with you during the development and design of your product. By working together with our clients, we have successfully developed many plastic parts for mechanical engineering, recreation and other industries.

Our working method has proven itself multiple times. This also applies to the production of the Coolio International Freshboard Island 3.0. Dragon Plastics indicates the possibilities and impossibilities and adjusts where necessary. By working together intensively, a high-quality and usable mould is created: a mould that is easy to handle for Dragon Plastics and that can achieve an optimal product result for the client. For example, Dragon Plastics produces the plastic Suitcase for Coolio International, which is placed on the chiller for the Freshboard Island 3.0.


In addition to its knowledge of rotational moulding, Dragon Plastics also has other distinguishing factors. These are value propositions that make the difference compared to competing rotational moulding companies in the Netherlands and abroad. With these unique features, we help industrial machine builders, playgrounds, design studios and other customers to make impact-resistant, indestructible plastic parts.

- PE foams: a wall reinforcement application in the product in which weight saving and product reinforcement play an important role.
- PU foams: the use of polyurethane foam for an insulating effect, as well as a strengthening effect.
- Committed employees who are passionate about their work and are given the opportunity to come up with valuable ideas and solutions. Dragon Plastics works as a team!
- Customer-oriented support from A to Z: the customer comes first, with a focus on the desired WIN-WIN situation.
- Informal approach and environment: Dragon Plastics is more than happy to give you a look behind the scenes. This way, the working method and atmosphere can be seen and experienced.

Would you like to know more about Dragon Plastics as a certified manufacturer of plastic parts for mechanical engineering and other industries? Please contact us or request our test model KIT without any obligation! All facets of rotational moulding are designed in a single product, so that you can immediately see what the possibilities are for your application.