Dragon Plastics Rotomoulding b.v.

Indestructible plastic with rotational moulding

With more than 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, Dragon Plastics is a true expert when it comes to plastics production. We combine the latest developments in the field of rotational moulding with trusted Dutch craftsmanship. We can also help you during the design process, thanks to our short lines of communication with mould makers.

A truly indestructible product

But why should you opt for rotational moulding? With rotational moulding, it is possible to create a truly indestructible product with sustainable plastic. By applying this technique, the product is made out of one piece, i.e. seamless. As a result, it has an extremely high impact resistance and is tension-free. It will never break and any dents in the material can easily be reverted.

Durable plastic for our production

Dragon Plastics uses only the best raw materials. In this case, it has the added advantage of being a sustainable plastic. It is not only sustainable in the fact that it can last for more than 20 years and does not break, but also in that you can recycle the material. For rotational moulding at Dragon Plastics, polyethylene (PE) is used, the thermoplastic properties of which do not or hardly change. This sustainable plastic can therefore be reused as a raw material for making new, indestructible products.

Are you curious about the further advantages of rotational moulding or do you want to know more about the indestructible properties of the material? Please contact us or request the Dragon Plastics Rotomoulding KIT to see all facets of rotational moulding at once.