Dragon Plastics Rotomoulding b.v.


Dragon Plastics Rotomoulding has been a distinctive player in the market for many years when it comes to innovative ideas within the rotational moulding process.


The specialised PU foaming technique has been used for quite some time now; a high-quality PU (high density with closed cells, 45 kg/m3) is injected into the product, which basically adds two very important properties, namely: increasing the insulation value and strengthening the product itself. Products that are PU foamed include the well-known pizza case and the Lobsterbox©.


A technique that is also used is the so-called PE foam method. A technique that closely resembles the aforementioned PU foam technique when it comes to its name, but is applied in a completely different way. A relatively small quantity of the same raw material as the product is blown into the mould with extra addition at the end of the process. This causes a thickened layer in an open cell structure to form on the inner walls of the product. This method results in a noticeably lighter product due to less use of raw materials. The thickening of the product wall provides extra stability and reinforcement of the product. An example of a PE-foamed product is the roadside assistance pole.