Dragon Plastics Rotomoulding b.v.


Dragon Plastics mainly uses polyethylene (PE) in the production process. Like other plastics, PE is not easily broken down by bacteria, allowing it to remain in the environment for a long time. On the other hand, polyethylene is one of the most durable plastics, as it is perfectly recyclable. Due to the thermoplastic properties of polyethylene, it can be melted down again into new polyethylene products by means of the rotational moulding process. 

Dragon Plastics has been using a shredder since the end of 2013. With this shredder, the resulting waste streams are reduced and the material in question can be reused. This way, PE material from test series or test samples is responsibly reused for new polyethylene products. Dragon Plastics does this in-house. Our business operations are focused on delivering quality PE products. In order to preserve the specific properties of already produced items for recycling, it is essential to know what PE material you are dealing with. Now that the shredding of materials takes place in-house, we are 100% sure that the recycled PE quality is suitable for the production of new polyethylene products. This allows us to use sustainable plastics without compromising the quality.


Recycling can be applied in its purest form in the rotational moulding process. An existing product is ground in the shredder and new polyethylene products can then be formed from the resulting granules. Depending on the product specifications set by the client, it can be determined whether the newly generated plastic will be used for this purpose. This depends on the desired homogeneity and strength properties of the product. The pricing of the raw material is not unimportant either. Even when sustainable plastics are recycled, it is not self-evident that the recycled plastic material is lower in price than the standard material. Additional (post-)processing can increase the price of raw materials to such an extent that it is no longer interesting enough for a client. Only when sustainability and a second life come into play do the sustainable plastics end up in the right perspective.

Dragon Plastics is ready to help you with high-quality polyethylene products, including if you opt for recycling. Would you like to know more about the use of sustainable plastics at Dragon Plastics? Then please contact us. Please use our contact form or mail to info@dragonplastics.nl.