Dragon Plastics Rotomoulding b.v.


Coolio International makes refrigerated stands for promotional purposes in supermarkets. They develop fully customisable products for big brands like Danone, Coca Cola and more. In their search for a sustainable air distributor that was easy to transport, they ended up at Dragon Plastics. In collaboration with the customer, we developed a high-quality product under the name Coolio Island 3.0.

Excellent air distribution with the Freshboard ™

The Island 3.0 consists of a permanently reusable case and adjustable sleeve called Freshboard™. This sleeve fits perfectly on the Coolio unit. The attractive design allows brands to promote fresh produce in different retail environments. The Freshboard™ offers excellent air distribution, so that all products in the Coolio unit are cooled sufficiently. In addition, it is a very durable product that can last a long time and it is easy to transport because it can be folded up. This makes it a perfect part of the promotional stands that Coolio sells.


At Dragon Plastics, we not only produce plastic parts by means of rotational moulding; you can also come to us for plastic milling! For Coolio's Freshboard™, we do all the milling work in-house. We work with an automated milling robot for this, which means that little manual labour is required and we are able to mill plastic 24/7. This extra service enables us to be an all-round partner in plastic production for clients such as Coolio.

Wondering how Dragon Plastics can help you with the production of plastic parts? We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you. So do not hesitate to contact us!